Sunday, 30 March 2008


Arrive at sunrise after an eventful flight and drive to the hotel. A few fans are sat waiting for us in the hotel lobby, but everyone is bushed and head to bed. I look out of my window and see a large group of kids gathered for a triathalon. Ironic that i can hardly walk after the last gig and long flight. Draw the curtains and sleep...
I awake to the sound of a phone ringing. It's 5.30am and i'm being offered the job of looking after Dave for the entire tour. Some days are worth waking up for :)
The next day we head for the venue to set up, and get used to the lunatic who is looking after the pyro for this Aussie leg. I've never had to work with fireworks and flames before, and the stage is covered in them...including a large collection of gunpowder filled tubes situated about 30cm from my head. Trying to ignore this, i carry on setting up the gear ready for the band to soundcheck at 4pm. Once the band arrive they run through the pyro settings (which means setting everything off!) and do a photo session with the new walking Eddie. 
Dickie Bell (Maiden Legend) is retiring after this aussie tour, and is making the most of having two new guitar techs (myself and Justin, who is looking after Janick). This basically means catching you out when you least expect it and screaming at you for having hands in pockets. We do learn quick, but he is a master at this and gets you every bloody time.
I head back to the hotel and chat with my lovely wife on skype before attempting sleep.
I wake at 3am and sit watching a huge thunderstorm on the horizon. I spend hours trying to catch the lightning on my new camera, and take 300 pics. Two of them nail the scene. Get back to sleep at 7am for a while, before i'm needed in the lobby. The venue is the largest i've ever worked in, but feel confident even with my aching legs.  The gig is brilliant and i'm in control of everything this time. Dave is happy and plays a blinder, the fireworks catch me out a few times, I manage to avoid Bruce this time and end up on a high. Now if i can just get this sleep thing sorted out before Melbourne...

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